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Why Rome Start?

I know many people in America think it’s crazy to go so far for your freshman year of university. I say, why not?! The Rome Start Program is not like any other study abroad programs available during sophomore, junior and … Continue reading

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Weekend in Germany ends in a hassle (yet again) with the Roman transportation system

After spending the weekend in Munich, Germany, I arrived in Rome at around 7pm yesterday evening. However I did not reach the school until almost 11pm. There wasn’t a strike, it was just Sunday! On Sunday the trains only run … Continue reading

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Winter Break Update: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium!

And the second semester begins! For an update about my break—I spent Christmas in Germany, visiting my host family, friends, and my boyfriend and his family. After Christmas we took a road trip throughout north-western Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, … Continue reading

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JFRC Prom and yummy Italian dinners!

This last week was full of studying, studying, studying, and on top of that, more studying. For three classes I had to write papers, and for four classes I had to take final exams too. Finals week also consisted of … Continue reading

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Arrivederci Roma (for now)!

Yesterday I had my last two finals!!!!!  I’m done – I just finished my first semester at Loyola!!! I’m also lucky enough to be able to say that I spent my first semester in Rome.  I have been so happy … Continue reading

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Academics and the Rome Start Program

We are half way through November!! It’s amazing how time is going so fast!! Most of the students are already talking about how they’ll be going home soon! Its sad but next semester there will be a whole new group … Continue reading

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Awesome Loyola Professors, Russian-Italian art, Hunger Week in Rome and Chicago

If I haven’t mentioned this yet, the absolute best thing about Loyola is Professors. On Wednesday evening we had an on-site class for Philosophy at an art exhibit about Russian art before and after the Soviet Union. 2011 marks the … Continue reading

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