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I'm a freshman at Loyola University Chicago and I am in the Rome Start Program, so I currently live in Loyola's John Felice Rome Centre. I was born in Miami, FL but I am from Nicaragua and I've lived there for most of my life. I chose this program because I've always been fascinated by Italy and I wanted to do something different from everyone else back home, so why not start my university experience in one of the greatest cities of the world instead of back home or directly in the US? I absolutely love the program and Rome and I would not change it for anything!

E così, l’anno è finito…

I look back at august 26th, 2012 and I see the seven of us. We were all excited and just so pumped for a year in Rome and to then go on to continue in Chicago. What an amazing year … Continue reading

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A few updates…

As our time as Rome Starters dwindles down and the countdown for summer begins we plan on getting our final travels done, discovering more of Rome, revisiting our favorite spots in Rome and preparing for final exams. Tonight we are … Continue reading

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When you become the tour guide…

I’d love to say that I became an expert at getting around Rome within the first month or two after arriving here. Some students do, but most do not. This tends to happen because you go out in big groups … Continue reading

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Spring Break!!

This was the first real Spring Break for me and I had a decision to make: Bosnia-Serbia study trip, Greece-Turkey study trip, or my own trip?! The study trips sounded amazing and, after looking at my friends’ pictures and listening … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Beauties of Rome

So I was looking through my pictures of the past 6 months in Europe and thinking about the next 5 months I have ahead of me (I am sticking around for the Summer Session I and the Inter-session) and it … Continue reading

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New kids on the block…

I think I might have mentioned in a previous post how I was worried yet extremely curious about the spring semester. It was going to be such a huge change, yet again! New people walking the halls, new roommate, new … Continue reading

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Spring Orientation Trip ’13!

Last semester we were taken on a beautiful trip around Toscana and Umbria for the orientation trip. This time around we went all around Campania! All the students got on buses and we embarked on an amazing journey for the … Continue reading

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