Orientation Trip in Campania: Winery

After visiting the mozzarella farm, we got on the buses again and went to a winery do some wine tasting. The man that gave us the tour of the winery is called Marco and his father is the owner. What I enjoyed most about the tour was the joy and passion with which he spoke about his job. He made it very clear to us that they did not care about quantity, but rather about quality.

The vineyards were absolutely gorgeous and with the mountains as a backdrop the scenery could not have been more striking. Marco showed us around and then brought us into the room in which they aged the wine in huge oak barrels.

To finish our visit, we were treated to a tasting of their white and red wines as well as some of their own production of extra virgin olive oil. It was an unreal day and everyone was very glad to have been a part of that incredible experience.



About Rosa Maria Noriega

My name is Rosa Maria Noriega and I am from Querétaro, Mexico. I am an International Business and Entrepreneurship major and form part of the 2016 Rome Start class. Choosing to spend my freshman year abroad has been one of the best decisions I have made and hopefully you too decide to make Rome your own.
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