This past weekend I set out to explore the neighborhood of Testaccio with my friend Katie. Testaccio is very different from other parts of Rome because it is much more industrial. At first glance it even looks somewhat rundown, but we found it has an undeniable charm.

Sometimes I prefer to not plan anything at all for exploring, so all we googled was how to get there and left the rest to chance. We arrived and the first thing we saw was a great pyramid. This struck us as very odd and upon reading the information box situated in front of it, we found out that this was the Pyramid of Cestius. We also visited the Non-Catholic Cemetery, and then proceeded to wander through the streets of Testaccio. We saw a lot of very interesting street art, some with political messages.

We also explored the more residential area. We saw people watering the plants on their balconies, going for a jog, and carrying their groceries.

What I enjoyed the most about this neighborhood was the everyday-life that it emanated. We found many little parks with parents laughing playing with their children, older men playing cards, and teenagers hanging out with their friends. In addition, we discovered that Testaccio is a phenomenal place to eat in local favorite trattorias and osterias.




About Rosa Maria Noriega

My name is Rosa Maria Noriega and I am from Querétaro, Mexico. I am an International Business and Entrepreneurship major and form part of the 2016 Rome Start class. Choosing to spend my freshman year abroad has been one of the best decisions I have made and hopefully you too decide to make Rome your own.
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