Dining With the Locals in Genova

On our first night in Genova, Alejandra and I went out to dinner to Cavour 21. A lovely little trattoria in Piazza Cavour which was recommended to us by Stefano, our Airbnb host.

The place opened at 7, so we arrived around 6:40 to find there was already a line of 10 people formed outside the door. We were very surprised by this and took it as an indication that this was going to be a good meal.

At first, the trattoria didn’t look like much. It was a hole in the wall with a run down, green sign that read simply “Cavour 21”. We waited for 20 minutes as the line grew longer and longer. One thing we noticed is that even though there were plenty of tourists in Genova, we were the only ones in line.

When the restaurant finally opened and we were seated, we were able to appreciate how perfectly well distributed the small space was. Then we ordered pasta al pesto and pasta with seafood. Both of these dishes were their specialty and truly delicious.



About Rosa Maria Noriega

My name is Rosa Maria Noriega and I am from Querétaro, Mexico. I am an International Business and Entrepreneurship major and form part of the 2016 Rome Start class. Choosing to spend my freshman year abroad has been one of the best decisions I have made and hopefully you too decide to make Rome your own.
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