Oh the places you’ll go

This weekend I found a new love, in the form of a beautiful city…shonnbrunn

annaVienna – the capital of Austria, a city that speaks a language I understand, that has busses that run on time, and the home of Sigmund Freud. Christmas markets, Wiener schnitzel, glühwein, bratwurst, sachertorte and kürbis suppe, a familiar taste of home, in a city that I had never visited before.

Growing up in Germany has given me a rather hoity-toity perspective on how Christmas should truly be celebrated; evenings should be kiarafilled with warm mugs of apple cider whilst wandering through markets, hoping to find that perfect present for someone special. Fortunately, Vienna had numerous markets and plenty of traditional Austrian-German meals that Kiara, Anna and I could enjoy during our three-day stay in the bustling city. Our evenings were in fact filled with window shopping and exploring, all the while breathing in the delicious scent of Christmas, pine trees and cookies.

emilyAustrian delicacies weren’t the only taste of home we received during our visit to the capital; Starbucks and Cinnabon were a pleasant reminder of America, and a these coffee-cinnamon-roll stops gave us a much needed break from the freezing wind that surrounded us during our strolls through the streets.

After walking the streets we headed over to the older avenues of Vienna and toured the Sigmund Freud museum. We spent the next beautiful morning exploring the local fresh food market and having a picnic at the famous Schönnbrunn Schloss. The gardens were stunning and provided a great atmosphere for a few photo ops! Anna, Kiara and I spent our fair share of time admiring the Neptune statue and the arches built near the end of the property!


A highlight of the trip happened to be the front row seat I had at a concert on Saturday onerpubnight! One Republic and The Kongos have been touring Europe these past months, and these two personal favorites “just so happened” to be in Vienna the exact dates we were! (Not much of a coincidence actually. Arrangements to attend the concert had been made before us Rome Starters even arrived on campus in August!) Despite missing out on some exploring time with Anna and Kiara, I made sure to arrive at the venue hours in advance, and my dedication paid off; my ticket was upgraded and I had a front row view!


Of course, no trip would complete without some shenanigans! Anna had some trouble with her plane ticket and ended up staying an additional day in Austria! She made her way to Salzburg and experienced the lively hood of the hills (Sound of Music reference…get it?)! Kiara and I left on Sunday night and got to sit behind the airport desk in order to charge our cell phones! Naturally this called for a secretly taken photo!



About Emily S.

Hi! My name is Emily Sarsok, I'm 18 years old and have spent the majority of my life living in Germany. I'm a Rome Start student with a declared major in Social Work and pursuing a minor in Criminal Justice. I chose Rome Start because its close to home, and an amazing opportunity to experience a different culture while working toward a college degree! It would be impossible to pick my favorite part about this experience because I love everything about the program; the people, the city, the culture, and the food...especially the food.
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