New Year, New Semester


With the start of the new semester, it was also the beginning of “Part 2” for the Rome Starters full year at the JFRC. As with any start to something new, we had expectations and goals for what was to come for the Spring 2014 semester. Whether it’s about visiting as many countries as possible or exploring every single nook and cranny of the Eternal City, the Rome Start class has been excited for whatever will come our way in the near future.

One of the most significant differences between this semester and last semester is the amount of students studying here. There is a forty-plus person difference to be exact, making the grand total around 220 students studying at the JFRC. Not only does the community feel larger, but also the campus itself is undergoing a series of renovations. For example, Rinaldo’s, our downstairs “basement hangout” was moved down the hallway to another room and was updated with a modern ambiance and sleek European style. Rinaldo’s not only has a new setting, but has expanded their menu to serve both Italian and American-inspired dishes. It has truly become a hit among both the Rome Starters and Study Abroad Students for the perfect after-class hangout spot.

Among the Rome Start class, we don’t have the opportunity to have as many classes together due to many students’ involvement with the internship program. Despite not necessarily seeing each other as often as we did last semester in the classroom environment, we still make it a priority to gather together for lunch and dinner where we exchange interesting stories and experiences regarding our diverse classes and internships.

Even though things are not exactly the same as our first semester, we as the Rome Starters are making the transition and remembering those fond memories of our first semester of freshman year. We hope that we can share together in new experiences that will be just as memorable.



About Nicolas V.

I am a Cuban-American from Miami, Florida. I am plan to study Marketing with a minor in journalism. I chose Rome Start, because I wanted to not only challenge myself, but also experince a culture and lifestyle completely different from my own. The best part about Rome Start has to be the incredible people I get to share this year-long adventure with.
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