In October, some of the Start Rome students went to Chicago for a few days, accompanied by SLA Gina.

The first night we slept in the Baumhart residence hall at Loyola’s downtown campus.  The next morning, after breakfast at Starbucks, we toured the city and event went to the top of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Chicago.

Day two took us to Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus, on the north side of the city, right on Lake Michigan.  That evening, we had the chance to stay with last year’s Rome Start students who are now studying in Chicago.  This allowed us to see the different residence halls on the Lake Shore Campus and get an idea of what college-life is like in Chicago.

On the third day, we met some of the Loyola staff members who work with Rome Start students as they transition to Chicago.  They were all really interested in us, and wanted to know what our experience was like in Rome and with the Rome Start program.  They also helped recommended classes to follow once we arrive in Chicago next year.  We spent the third night at the “Loyola Flats,” an apartment-hotel near the Lake Shore Campus that is managed solely by Loyola students.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend going on this trip – it was fun and interesting.  We had the opportunity to get to know the Rome Start students from last year and learn from their experiences.  Also, for those of us that had never visited Chicago and didn’t know what to expect for next year, it helped us to feel more familiar with the campus and the city.  Now we can’t wait to to move to Chicago next year!




About Giovanna Giuriolo

I am Giovanna and I am a freshem in the Rome Start program at Loyola University. I was born in Brasil and raised in Italy. I am studying History and International Relations.
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