Visit to Fosse Ardeatine in Rome

The 30th of November our philosophy professor decided to bring us to Fosse Ardeatine. We arrived there around 12 pm and we found our tour guide waiting for us. He was in his 70s and he did not speak a word of English so our professor had to translate for the students that did not understand Italian.
The tour guide told us that one of his relatives died there, so the place and the story of the Fosse Ardeatine was close to him. He told us all the historical facts about the Fosse and told us about his relationship with his relative.
In 1943, after Italy signed a peace treaty with the USA and England, resistance fighters in Italu started clashing with the Germans and the Fascists. In March 1944 they attacked and killed 33 Germans. In retaliation, the chief of the police killed 10 Italian males for each German killed. The Fosse Ardeatine is where these men were killed.  In total 335 Italians were killed (5 were shot because of an error). One of the Italians shot was our tour guide’s relative; he was the first one to be killed. The tour guide said that the whole of Italy is reflected in these 335 victims because they were from all corners of the country and were both Jewish and Christian.
The experience of being in the place where so many innocent died was a moving experience for every one of us.



About Giovanna Giuriolo

I am Giovanna and I am a freshem in the Rome Start program at Loyola University. I was born in Brasil and raised in Italy. I am studying History and International Relations.
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