Life in the dorm

Probably the thing that American teenagers  like best about college is living in the dorm.
One of the biggest fears that I faced when I applied to the Rome Start Program was the fact that I would have to live in a dorm room.  As an Italian, my dream for when I got to college was to have my own apartment  to share with two or three friends. After the first week in my dorm the idea about living on campus completely changed for the better. I am  always surrounded by people and I am  never alone. The relationship with my roommate is great and we get along very well. I also love the fact that other kids of the Rome Start program live in my same hall, so we are always together and we are always in each other’s room to talk, laugh and have fun.
I realized that my fear was completely unnecessary.


About Giovanna Giuriolo

I am Giovanna and I am a freshem in the Rome Start program at Loyola University. I was born in Brasil and raised in Italy. I am studying History and International Relations.
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