Why Rome Start?

I know many people in America think it’s crazy to go so far for your freshman year of university. I say, why not?! The Rome Start Program is not like any other study abroad programs available during sophomore, junior and senior years (typically study abroad is not available for freshmen). In this program, students coming for their first year take core curriculum classes like they would in Loyola’s home campus in Chicago, except we get to do it in Rome. While here, you get to experience the world. You meet people from all over the world and you can truly get out of your comfort zone. You grow up. This experience is going to change you. Having said that, this program is not for everyone but it is certainly fit for different types of people. If you have lived in Europe and you don’t want such a drastic transition, Rome Start is great for you! It will ease you into learning about the American university system and American students and you’ll be pretty close to home. If you live anywhere in the American continent and you want a big change in your life, then the adventurer in you would love this program as well! Yes, you’d be separated from your friends and family by an entire ocean but that’s part of the thrill, at least for me. I do miss home but not nearly as much as I thought. I’ve loved every minute of being in Europe and I’m looking forward to the new semester. While being here you socialise with the staff, faculty and older university students, you travel and you can really immerse yourself not only in the Italian culture, but in many other European cultures as well. It’s the chance of a life time. Why let it pass you by?


About Daniela Argüello

I'm a freshman at Loyola University Chicago and I am in the Rome Start Program, so I currently live in Loyola's John Felice Rome Centre. I was born in Miami, FL but I am from Nicaragua and I've lived there for most of my life. I chose this program because I've always been fascinated by Italy and I wanted to do something different from everyone else back home, so why not start my university experience in one of the greatest cities of the world instead of back home or directly in the US? I absolutely love the program and Rome and I would not change it for anything!
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