Modern Roman History: Snow in 2012

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Snow in Rome—one thing I did not plan on seeing this year! Rome has not had this much snowfall for almost twenty-five years. The entire city shut down—no buses, trains, not even taxis! It was wonderful, because Rome was a full pedestrian zone. The trees couldn’t handle the snow, so there was a lot of damage to them and also to the cars next to the trees. Basically, the whole city is a mess—schools were shut down Friday, today and we’ve just heard that they will be shut down tomorrow too. My internship boss had to leave work today at one just so she would know she could get home at all! Traffic will be (probably already was this morning) a nightmare, and unfortunately I heard yesterday that during this snow chaos almost one hundred and fifty people have died. What a catastrophe, all over snow! Needless to say, I did not get anywhere over the weekend—I only went as far as the Vatican. But I mean, how often does someone get the chance to see St. Peter’s covered in snow?
This week began with, well, no classes! All of my classes were cancelled today because our teachers were snowed in and couldn’t make it to school. This worked out wonderfully because I was able to go to my internship at Villa Stuart clinic for the afternoon. The internship was a great choice—I am really getting to see the inside of different health care professions, learning Italian and learning about the Italian/European way of practicing medicine.
I’ve set a new goal for myself: to visit the top 22 cafés in Rome by the end of the semester! I want to try as many different types of Italian coffee as I possibly can before I leave. So we’ll see how that goes.
My weekend is going to be quite full! Two of my friends have birthdays, so on Thursday and Friday we are going to an Aperitivo and dinner. On Saturday, my roommate and I are headed for Florence!! Weather permitting, of course. In the meantime I have tons of reading and studying to do and a math test to prepare for, but the weekend (which always starts here on Thursday evening) is not too far away!


About Jessica Raboin

My name is Jessica Raboin and I am a first-year student in the Rome Start program at Loyola University Chicago. I am interested in studying Environmental Science/Pre-Med with minors in languages (as many as I can learn!). I enjoy running, learning languages, sewing and traveling with my best friend. Although I'm a U.S. citizen, I lived in Germany before I came to the Rome Start program.
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