Don’t Forget to Experience Rome!

Time has gone so fast!! Tomorrow is the last Monday of class!!! The week after this we have finals and then the semester is over!  It’s hard to believe it. These last four months have been incredible!  I have made new friends from all over the world (Rome Start) and friends from all over the States (study abroad students). This past week I have been preparing my final essays and trying to get ready for exams so that I can have a stress-free finals week and enjoy my last week before going back home for the holidays. Last night I realized something really important that I had been missing out on in Rome.  Usually, I save all my money to spend it on travel, but last night a friend convinced me to go out to a really nice restaurant in Rome for the first time.  I asked for the plate of the day at the restaurant and it was legendary – it was the best pasta ever!  Really!  My new recommendation for Rome: every weekend or just a random day every week, try to go out and explore Rome!  You can’t imagine all the things this city has to offer.  Of course you will go see the major highlights (Trevi Fountain, Coliseum, Piazza Venezia, etc.), but some of the best experiences in Rome happen just by chance: walking through random neighborhoods and just picking out a random restaurant. I’m sure you will end up having one of the most awesome meals ever! Be careful to avoid the tourist traps though!  If you are here for just a week, then the touristy restaurants can be a good deal.  But let’s face it, as a Rome Start student, you’ll be living here for about eight months so you really should immerse yourself in the Italian lifestyle… and that means eating at off-the-beaten-track, authentic Italian restaurants!  Many people here travel every single weekend all over Europe, but by the end of the semester, they realize they missed most of Italy!  While I’ve enjoyed every minute of my semester, I confess I’ve been on the road a little too much: I haven’t experienced great Italian food and I haven’t done much traveling in Italy.  It looks like I know now what I am doing next semester!

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