Fernando’s Travel Tips (Part 2)

Thanksgiving break just ended! I spent a relaxing long weekend in Madrid with my uncle and my cousins. I pretty much took the first two days to get all my school work done so I could have a nice weekend. It was an awesome Thanksgiving break; I think one of the best ones I’ve had in my life! So I noticed that in the past entries I kept talking about my life here and blah blah blah which I don’t think you care any more right? Besides you have pretty much an idea of what living at the JFRC is like and I think you can take more advantage of the blog if I give you advice on how to get the most benefit out of Rome, Italy and Europe.

So I left Wednesday night for Madrid.  As I was looking for an empty seat on the plane (Ryan Air never assigns seats to passengers), by chance I ran into two girls from the JRFC.  If only I knew ahead of time that they would be on my same flight, it would have made getting to the airport much easier!  Getting to the airport that evening was a nightmare!  I walked to the Balduina train station, then took the train to Valle Aurelia, then the metro to Termini train station, and then I had to walk to the bus that takes passengers to both airports (Ciampino or Fiumicino).  Overall it took me around three hours to get there.  I had to leave the JFRC five hours before my flight, which was really exhausting, but it only cost around 12 Euros.  However, if you know other students are traveling to the airport for a flight around the same time as yours, you can just share a taxi and save yourself a lot of time and exhaustion!   It costs around 50 euro to get to either airport by taxi from the JFRC; if you split it with 4 other students you pay just 12.50 Euros each and you will have no worries.  Moral of the story: every time you go to the airport try splitting cab fares! It will make you weekend trips way easier.

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