Academics and the Rome Start Program

We are half way through November!! It’s amazing how time is going so fast!! Most of the students are already talking about how they’ll be going home soon! Its sad but next semester there will be a whole new group of study abroad students; it will be different but I’m sure just as fun!! Last Monday I woke up and I had a feeling that this was going to be a great week. Saturday I found a way to play Nintendo 64 on the computer and I procrastinated all day and all night! Now I have so much homework to finish. Mario 64 is still open every 10 minutes of work I play 30 minutes! That has been pretty much my weekend. I went to Testaccio Thursday night with friends. It’s a really nice place in Rome filled with nightclubs and lots of people.  It’s the best neighborhood to go to if you want to dance.  I definitely recommend going at least once while studying at the JFRC.

This week I have an Environmental sustainability presentation, which I don’t like. I wish I could take at least one class for my major. First we need to finish the core curriculum before taking the other classes. It can be boring some times, because you obviously want to take classes that you are 100% sure you will enjoy. Nevertheless, the core offering in the JFRC is really interesting.  You have all types of classes from voice classes to on-site classes which take place throughout Rome.  My roommate is taking an on-site Art in Rome class and every Thursday he goes somewhere interesting in Rome and gets to know the city a little better. I think it’s a great class, although I’m not taking it because I am really lazy. I don’t see myself waking up early in the morning and going somewhere, I prefer to explore the city by myself. Although the first year in Rome as a Rome Start student requires taking a number of core classes, you have many core classes available to you that a normal freshman would not be able to take.  Not only do the core classes in Rome allow you to fulfill graduation requirements, but they also allow you to get to know the wonderful city you’re living in.

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