Calcio! An Italian Tradition

This week was epic! I studied all week! I even studied Halloween night! Everyone was having a great time and running around school in their awesome costumes and I was studying! That was my costume!! I never went down to the Halloween party in the coffee bar, but everyone looked happy so I assume that it was a good party! That was pretty much the highlight of the week. To be honest nothing interesting happened this week so I will use this entry to talk about my favorite thing in the JFRC! CALCIO NIGHTS!!!  Every Wednesday after dinner Mensa, all the students that like calcio (soccer) walk down Balduina street to the soccer fields for an evening of excitement. Next to the neighborhood train station there are three really nice soccer fields. There are ten teams total; just about half of the JFRC students play soccer. Some teams play at 7:30 the rest of the teams play at 8:30.  Each team is assigned a different color; my team is Team Viola (purple).  For me, Wednesday is definitely the day I look forward to all week. Sometimes I don’t even have dinner before the match because I’m so excited and I hate playing with a full stomach. When we get to the fields, we start warming up until the match begins. It’s awesome because it’s coed – boys and girls play together on all the teams! You don’t know to need how to play at all, you just need to go with a good attitude and be ready to have fun and run around. It’s my favorite thing so far in Rome! It gets even better: after the match, the students that can still walk (games can sometime get pretty aggressive!) go for a beer and pizza in a local restaurant. I think that calcio night is one of the best ways to get to know new people on campus. I highly recommend that everyone play calcio when they study at the JFRC!

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