Time to Get Serious!

This has been a crazy week!  Sunday night I was with Camila while she was drawing in the Vatican. Once she finished we took the metro to her hotel next to Termini. That is when my bad week started: I began to feel really sick! By the next morning I lost my voice! I was in so much ear and throat pain – I felt like a zombie. I felt really bad because Camila had planned many things to do with her friends in Rome while I was in class this week, but instead she stayed with me the whole time. I asked the Student Life staff to help me get an appointment at “Villa Stuart,” the private clinic near campus, but unfortunately they were full until Tuesday.  Fortunately, the campus doctor is here on Mondays, so I went to see him since I was feeling so bad.  He prescribed me antibiotics and I spent the rest of Monday and Tuesday sleeping. I was finally feeling a little better on Wednesday, but unfortunately that was the day Camila was leaving.

Thursday I was FINALLY feeling like myself again. I went to my afternoon classes and realized how much work I needed to get caught up on!  I’m behind on a lot of my assignments and I’ve spent all weekend finishing essays and studying for my Environmental Science and Italian 101 midterm exams.  It was a good weekend though, and I’m happy to have finally gotten on top of some of my school work.  I’m also happy as I just booked a flight to Madrid for Thanksgiving break.  My uncle lives there and it will be nice to stay with him for a few days and have a change of scenery.  I have a long month ahead of me: I really need to stay in the month of November and dedicate myself to my studies.  It’s not that I have bad grades, but I need to put in the extra effort this month and see if I can turn B grades into A’s.

This week we have the Halloween party at the JFRC, I will let you know how that goes in my next entry.

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