Relaxing in Malta and Back to Reality in Rome

I’m back in Rome!! Right now I’m sitting in front of the Vatican while Camila (my best friend) sketches the scenery. We came back from Malta today; it was such a great time! We even had fun on the first day of our trip, even if we missed our flight! We spent the whole weak just walking around Malta.  It is a beautiful island with crystal clear water and beautiful beaches. There are many beautiful spots where you can go and read right next to the ocean.  When we would get bored we would just jump in the water!  We went to a couple of historical places but the views were so beautiful that we didn’t really pay any attention to the historical part of the sites. We went to the movies to watch Johnny English 2 – it was funny and was a nice break from going to see movies in Italian!  We also went to the theater and saw a play in the University of Malta Theater. Those are the highlights our trip.  We didn’t plan anything! It was nice to be able to go at our own place and spontaneously decide what we wanted to do!  On Friday, we went for a late lunch and ended up talking and talking and talking – before we knew it, it was already midnight! We went for a drink and then went back to the hotel and started watching movies.  Needless to say, it was an extremely relaxed and lazy vacation.

Now I’m back to real life in Rome! I have a midterm on Wednesday, another one on Thursday, and I still have so many things to finish before then! At the same time Cami is still here and I want to be sure to show her as much of Rome as possible. It is nice to be back though: back to Mensa (cafeteria), back to the not so big beds in the dorms, back to waking up early! It’s incredible how fast time is passing here: there are only 7 weeks left in the fall semester and then I head back to Ecuador for almost a month for the winter holiday break! Living in Rome is so cool and so much fun! It can be really hard work sometimes, but it is totally worth it! There is nothing like being able to take your computer down to the Vatican to write a couple of essays and then take the #990 bus and be right back home again! Sometimes with Rome Start friends we go for a jog down to the Vatican and then back up to JFRC  – where else can you do that?!? While school certainly keeps me busy, there are also so many other things to do and see here. The first half of my first semester of college is already finished, but I can say that I am enjoying every minute of this awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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