Fall Break

I had a good experience with Ryan Air! No problems with extra weight or my boarding pass at all. If I ever find another cheap flight with them, I will probably take it.
I arrived in Germany late Friday night. On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to a city celebration in Freising, where people sold special treats and foods along with clothing and other miscellaneous goods. There was also, as one would expect in Germany, a huge beer tent and plenty of sausage stands.
On Saturday we went to a “Klettergarten” which literally means “Climbing Garden.” This is in the woods, and it’s a place to go climbing in, around and on top of the trees. You are attached to safe climbing ropes of course, and can also swing down, sometimes up to 200 feet! The whole family went, because even small ones can climb in the park. It’s a great German past-time that has become popular in the last couple of years.
I left early Monday morning for Passau, which is my “hometown” in Germany—where I lived during my exchange year. I met up with my host family for the first time since I left. Nothing much has changed, and my room is still known as “Jessica’s Zimmer.” My host sisters only have one more year of school each, even though they are different ages. Then Laura, the youngest, will begin her journey as an exchange student in the United States and Melina will probably go to college in Vienna. In the afternoon I met up with a friend from school for some warm Hot-Coco (It was freezing in Germany…between 35-42 degrees pretty much the whole week) and to catch up. It was such an awesome feeling to go back. I wish I would’ve had more time to meet up with some other friends from school, but there is always next time! On Tuesday evening I headed back to Freising for the remainder of my time in Germany.
Tonight I am flying back to Rome (because unfortunately Ryan Air only flies Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and will be spending the weekend in Rome. But some of my friends are there, so I am sure we will find something worthwhile to do.


About Jessica Raboin

My name is Jessica Raboin and I am a first-year student in the Rome Start program at Loyola University Chicago. I am interested in studying Environmental Science/Pre-Med with minors in languages (as many as I can learn!). I enjoy running, learning languages, sewing and traveling with my best friend. Although I'm a U.S. citizen, I lived in Germany before I came to the Rome Start program.
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