My First Midterm Exams and the Start of Fall Break

Well right now I’m writing you guys from my 4 hours and counting delayed flight to Malta. Today is two months that I had been living in Europe and so far so good! I do really enjoy my new life style. I can’t believe it’s already Fall Break! Last week we had our midterms and it was a hectic week: the I.C was full all day and all night; the JFRC had a weird stressful sensation. Wednesday everyone was about to finish and we had calcio night so everyone slowly started relaxing again and things got back to normal. Thursday was one awesome day! Exams were finally over and I ate sushi for the first time since I’ve been in Europe.

Friday all my Rome Start friends left for the Fall Break trip to Chicago. I visited the Chicago campus in April so it was kind of senseless for me to go again.  I stayed in Europe and I’m going to Malta this whole week with my best friend! She came to Rome Friday night, and we just walked around Rome Friday and Saturday. Our flight was supposed to leave Rome Sunday at 8:20 AM! Guess what? We missed it! We went to sleep at 4 am and we were supposed to wake up at 5 am. Yeah I know you must be thinking! COME ON FERNANDO!!!! Well I actually thought the same so its fine! Instead we went to an internet café to search for new flights today… there was only one (the one that I’m waiting for right now). When I tried to book it, I realized I didn’t have enough cash on my debit card.  Instead, we decided to just take the next Leonardo Express train to Fiumicino Airport around noon.  Somehow we managed to buy our tickets. Unfortunately our inexpensive trip did become kind of expensive – I now just run out of money! At least I’m going to Malta! Next week I’ll update you on the details of my Fall Break trip.

On an unrelated note, how about this for some good luck:  Friday afternoon, on my way to Termini train station, I couldn’t find my cell phone but I thought maybe I left it in my dorm room or something.  I was with my friend Camila all day so I wasn’t really worried about it.  Saturday I checked my Facebook and Jessica, one of my friends from Rome Start, wrote on my wall: “Fernando!!!! You lost your phone and the Carabinieri (police) have it!! Go to their office at the Vatican… they have been calling me! Get it before you go to Malta!!”  I got so lucky!! Thank goodness for good Samaritans! Fortunately I have it in my pocket now and everything’s ok!

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