The Good and Bad of Travel!

I’m back in Rome! I had an awesome weekend in Germany with my best friend. I arrived in Gottingen, the small but gorgeous town where my friend lives, around 4 pm. The German region of Hannover is not that far from Italy however I took me 12 hours to get there from Rome. As soon as I met my friend we went to a nice little bar next to the train station. She was with her friends whom were really cool and interesting. Then her mom, who is like a mom to me, came to join us, catch up on my new life in Rome, and tell me about Germany. Saturday we went to the city of Hannover.  Initially I was supposed to go with my friend’s brother and stepdad to an amusement park filled with roller coasters and other awesome things, but then Camila (my friend) made go shopping with her and her mom in Hannover.  Basically, I spent the day in girls’ stores looking at shoes and telling the girls if I like something or not! The cool part was that they paid my train ticket, lunch and dinner in fancy places. Sunday was a relaxing day: we watch a couple of movies and we walked to a castle that is near my friend’s house. Sunday evening, on the other hand, was crazy! The first Monday of October is a national holiday in Germany so we went to an awesome disco and party till 5 am!  One hour after that I went to the train station with the same clothes on to take a train to Hannover and then a train to the airport.  Basically, I did the same trip as Friday, the only difference was that this time I was exhausted! I traveled from Hannover to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Rome’s airport. I then took the Leonardo express train to the station, the metro to another station, another train to Balduina station, and a mile walk to the JFRC with my bag! It was a hectic day! All I wanted to do when I got home was rest, but I noticed that it was the birthday of one of my closest friends at the JFRC.  I pretty much dropped my bags, took a shower, and then went out again to have Chinese food with other Rome Start and study abroad students at a local restaurant.

The next few days were kind of hard for me. When I’m at my friend Camila’s house, I feel like I’m home, so once back in Rome I experienced my first bit of homesickness! By Wednesday I was feeling awesome again as we had calcio (soccer) night and my team won! All that fun didn’t last long! Thursday morning all the travel and long hours caught up with me – I woke up with the worst flu ever!  I couldn’t even talk! My ears were exploding and my head was killing me.  I had to skip class and I went to find an SLA (Student Life Assistant).  The SLA helped me get a 5 pm appoint at Villa Stuart, a really fancy hospital very close to campus.  I spent the rest of the day in bed and at 5 pm I went to the hospital and I got some medicine.  I spent the next day and a half in bed resting!  By Saturday I started feeling better and I’ve spent most of my weekend on campus doing homework and trying to get better.  What’s keeping me going is the fact that next week is the last week before Fall Break.  I’ll be going to Malta for one week with my friend Camila!!!!

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