Tutoring Italians, Thursday movie nights!

Class, homework, Mensa, break for Gelato, repeat. This was pretty much my week. With mid-terms coming up next week, it seems like the whole campus has buckled down and started doing their assigned readings. I feel very prepared in everything except World of Classical Rome. Classical history was never my strong suit, but I am trying my best. It seems weird to be in class for barely over a month and already have mid-term exams, but I feel like this is a great time—I am not too behind and this allows me to catch up and be strong for the second half of the semester.
Last night a group of us got together to watch a movie in Rinaldos, which is turning into a habit for those who don’t leave right away on Thursday evening. I was able to practice my Italian with the guys from Rinaldos, which was awesome and showed me how much Italian 101 is helping.
I started tutoring two Italian students who just graduated a couple of times a week, and it has been one of the coolest experiences I have had since I have been here. Both students are just eager to learn English verbs as well as teach me about their culture. The other night one of them spent the entire hour complaining about Italy and how the country is going nowhere, that there is no innovation here. He also discussed—angry at some points—Berlusconi and the recent scandal surrounding him. When my other student walks in, I know exactly how the lesson will go based on who won the last soccer match, and he could care less about whether or not his city and country are progressing. Either way, it makes for an interesting cultural experience and has let me see how Italians live and what they really think.
Tomorrow we are headed out for a special festival—either a food festival about two hours outside of Rome or the Medieval festival in the city. We’re still not sure, but either way it will be nice to get out. Plans for going to the beach today were canceled due to rainy, cold weather that required me….gasp…. to wear a sweatshirt!


About Jessica Raboin

My name is Jessica Raboin and I am a first-year student in the Rome Start program at Loyola University Chicago. I am interested in studying Environmental Science/Pre-Med with minors in languages (as many as I can learn!). I enjoy running, learning languages, sewing and traveling with my best friend. Although I'm a U.S. citizen, I lived in Germany before I came to the Rome Start program.
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