Getting to know Rome, first trips, and life at the JFRC

I’m at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam; it has been a really exhausting morning. I left the JFRC at 4 in the morning. I had to take a cab and that was a bad idea. It’s really expensive if you are on a budget. I slept all the way from Rome to Amsterdam and I woke up when the plane touched the ground. I have already slept one hour, and I have 3 hours more until my plane to Hannover leaves. Then I have to take a train to Hannover main station, after that I need to catch the ICE (high speed train) that will take me to Gottingen where my best friend lives.

Last week, I stayed in Rome on Friday and we went to Piazza del Popolo – so far the coolest place I have been to in Rome. I just sat for half an hour watching everyone walking around; there were some talented singers and musicians. After that we started walking through Via del Corso.  It’s a long street with really awesome stores.  I was with three girls, so while they went to some weird make-up store, I spent a couple of hours just walking around and going into other stores. I spent like one hour in the Nike store looking at soccer shoes. However everything is really expensive in Rome– especially in Via Del Corso.  When the girls finally finished in that makeup store, we head back to the JFRC for Mensa (cafeteria).

On Saturday we went to this really nice town, 30 miles away from Rome, called Tivoli. We went with my roommate and a friend. We left the campus really early. I was surprised by how cheap it was to get to the town: we paid no more than 3 Euros both ways, although it was an hour away. We walked all over the town, and visited a couple of highlights like Villa d’Este. Next we had a nice lunch in a weird place, in a really weird house, and we all ate pizza AGAIN!! Tivoli is so small that we saw the entire town.  We were all exhausted from walking all over, so of course we all fell asleep on the train ride back to Rome!

Sunday is Sunday and nothing too interesting happened on my last day of the weekend. Sundays are basically my nerd day when I finish all my homework, just chill out with my friends, and get ready for the coming week.  Occasionally I’ll go to mass and the grab a gelato afterwards! Sundays are nice days to just go and walk around the Balduina neighborhood or even go running and exercising a little bit.

I’m hungry now, and there is a nice restaurant here in Schiphol Airport.  I will write about my Germany trip next entry, it should be fun!!! Auf wiedersehen!

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