Orientation trip to Umbria and first week of classes!

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Learning how to make noodles from scratch was by far the coolest part of of our Discover Loyola Rome Start Orientation Week. We went to a rustic Italian homestead on the outside of Rome for lunch on Tuesday. A couple of really sweet Italian ladies made a homemade lunch for us, following by the best Ice cream I have ever had in my life. No Gelato that I have had in Rome has even compared to her homemade ice cream.

On the weekend following Orientation week we took a school-sponsored trip to the region of Umbria and were able to see the cities of Todi, Spoleto, Gubbio, Folgnio, and Perugia. Unfortunately, Assisi wasn’t in our schedule, which I was pretty disappointment about.  We stayed in a nice hotel in the very, very small town of Spoleto. It wasn’t exactly the best night life, but we still found a really unique bar that was in a cave-like cove. The food was great and the olive oil even better!

The Rome Center has a really small and cozy environment: we eat, sleep, study and attend class all in the same building, which definitely has its perks. Every once in a while it’s nice to get out and into the city though, so on Saturday we went on a “Lost in Rome” excursion. We left mid-day with the goal of just exploring the city and its hidden delicacies. I would say by far the coolest neighborhood I have seen so far is Trastevere, also where it’s easier to actually meet and socialize with Italians. It felt like “Italy,” unlike the Spanish steps or Trevi Fountain which just feels like a gathering of Americans. We also got to see a couple Obelisks, which are tall statues that originated in Egypt and look a little odd next to all of the romantic roman buildings.

My favorite classes in school are by far Italian 101 and Environmental Sustainability. Although the Italian class is moving much slower than what I had hoped, I am getting a really good grasp of the language and am starting to really love it. Surprisingly, Italian has several words that are similar to German ones, such as “Zucker” (sugar in German) is Zucchero in Italian.


About Jessica Raboin

My name is Jessica Raboin and I am a first-year student in the Rome Start program at Loyola University Chicago. I am interested in studying Environmental Science/Pre-Med with minors in languages (as many as I can learn!). I enjoy running, learning languages, sewing and traveling with my best friend. Although I'm a U.S. citizen, I lived in Germany before I came to the Rome Start program.
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